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SJMF provides $10,000 to support SKIP of New York’s Julia Fund

The Slater Jett Meyers Foundation is excited to announce that it has provided funding in the amount of $44,700 to four organizations in support of important projects and programs. In the next four weeks, you will learn how your support has helped local organizations make a difference in the lives of special needs children.

SJMF provides $10,000 to support SKIP of New York’s Julia Fund

As relayed to us by a SKIP representative…

There is a one-year-old boy in New York with an electrolyte imbalance, a congenital condition so severe that his life depends on a highly specialized pump to deliver exact doses of medication. He is on multiple medications. If the medications co-mingle, he will die. The pump keeps them separate. This boy was in the hospital. His parents wanted him home. To get home, he needed to be enrolled in Care at Home, a state Medicaid program through which he could receive all services he needs to live with his family. The state would not enroll him until he was physically at home. The hospital would not release him without the specialized pump. The pump cost $1,800. His parents had very little income. Medicaid was their sole source of insurance. No Medicaid vendor carried the pump. A two-year battle stood between the boy and Medicaid approval to fund the purchase of his life-sustaining pump from a non-Medicaid vendor. Meanwhile, the hospital prepared to transfer the boy to a less acute facility with a lower level of care than his extreme condition demands. Every time the baby was moved, his life was seriously threatened due to the sensitivity of his system and the complexity of his disabilities. The situation was dire.The Slater Jett Meyers Foundation helped save his life thanks to the grant in 2011 to the Julia Fund, which provides the funding needed to move children off SKIP’s waiting list and into services. A portion of the 2011 grant was used to purchase the pump and the child came home. This is one of many examples of how the SJMF helps support SKIP’s commitment to provide services to children who are critically ill and developmentally disabled, especially when other avenues are blocked.

Because of your support, we are able to once again provide funding to SKIP in support of the Julia Fund. Thank you for your continued generosity.

On behalf of the Slater Jett Meyers Foundation, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Glenn and Ilana


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