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About SJMF

We are Ilana and Glenn Meyers of Rockland County, New York. We established the Slater Jett Meyers Foundation (SJMF) in memory of our son, Slater. Slater was a beautiful, full-term baby who, due to complications during his delivery, suffered from severe oxygen deprivation; this resulted in extensive brain damage. During the short period of eight months that he was with us, he taught us so many invaluable lessons. We want to share what we learned in order to help other children who have suffered birth injuries.

Over the years, we have partnered with many organizations to fund a variety of projects and programs. While most of these organizations are located in the New York Metropolitan area, we do not limit ourselves to these geographical parameters. Our other four children have been involved with SJMF in various capacities for most of their lives. Our older two, Ricky and Mackenzie, joined our board this year.

Our work would not be possible without the support of our family and friends.  We are grateful to them for enabling us to honor Slater’s memory with every child we help. Each moment we dedicate to SJMF helps keep Slater alive in all of our hearts.

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“Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”


~ Anonymous

Our Mission

  • Informing and educating women about the inherent risks of childbirth, with particular emphasis on the risks involved in VBAC procedures.

  • Funding project specific programs with organizations that work with birth injured children and whose mission is closely aligned with the goals of the SJM Foundation.

  • Funding alternative and complementary therapies for birth injured children whose insurance does not cover these types of therapies.

  • Educating families about the resources and funds available to optimize the care for their special needs child.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To become a dependable resource within the community that provides birth injured children with the supplemental services and funding necessary to fulfill all their needs and help them achieve their lives’ desires. 

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